Cocktail Creole on sail catamaran 15-24m



- 8 days / 7 nights (Mahé - St. Anne - Praslin - La Digue - Coco - Curieuse - Praslin - Cousin - Mahé)
- Full board included
- Departure day: Saturday

(Itinerary subject to change due to wind, weather, government regulations, etc.).

Your ship:
You will sail aboard a beautiful catamaran that offers you comfort and stability.

Everything is prepared to welcome max. 12 or 24 guests on board (+ crew consisting of 2 to 4 persons). The cook and the hostess will also take care of the boarding and unboarding before/after meals, a technician will act as deck hand and the hostess will also be your contact person for all questions concerning the life on board. Please note that the cabins/bathrooms are not cleaned by the crew.

Onboard catering:

Common dinner: Strengthening for crew and team spirit.

Meals are taken together. It is served mainly in the cockpit. Drinks on board (included in the price): still water, coffee, tea all day.

Drinks package on request for €145 p.p. additionally bookable - please send us directly after booking an email to to book the drinks package.
During breakfast additionally: fruit juice.
During meals additionally: an aperitif based on local rum, table wine or 0,5l beer, soft drinks, fruit juice.

Other drinks can be purchased on board with cash payment.
Barone also does not mind if you bring additional beer or other alcoholic beverages. Menus vary according to what is available at the local markets, or what the fishing has brought in.

The yacht and the crew:

The sailing trips are done on comfortable catamarans between 15 and 24m. These have 6 or 12 guest cabins, each with "ensuite" bathroom (shower/WC) and a crew between 2 and 4 persons.

Your catamaran has a salon ("living room") with integrated kitchen area as well as a large cockpit protected against wind and strong sunlight. This is where the common life on board will mainly take place.

The catamarans are equipped with the maximum safety equipment (tracking system, life raft, life jackets, etc.) according to legal regulations of the respective countries.

The skipper (captain) has a lot of experience in the sea area to be navigated and of course knows your ship very well. He will point out places of interest, introduce you to the country and its people and show you the most beautiful swimming and snorkeling spots on your sailing yacht cruise through the Seychelles. You will swim and snorkel in turquoise water or relax on the white sandy beach, while the cook may already be preparing steaks or fish.

Your cabin:

The catamarans have 6 to 12 guest double cabins, each with a closet, reading light, fan, window and toilet/shower with sink. Note, however, that water on board must be handled carefully. However, supplies are sufficient to allow each trip participant two short showers per day.

The yacht is comfortable, yet space in the cabins is limited. Please use travel bags instead of hard suitcases. These are much easier to store. However, if you prefer to arrive with a hard suitcase, we will assign you a place where it can be stored.

Things to know about the sailing yacht cruise:

A valid passport must be carried in order to clear into each island. (Travelers who do not have EU citizenship, please contact us).

Before embarkation you have to pay into the ship's cash box. The following expenses will be paid from the onboard cash box: Entrance fees to marine parks and islands, water, environmental levy, etc. Please refer to the current price list for the amount of the shipboard fund. This is planned for departures in 2024 with 270,- EUR.

During the cruise the guests usually reward the crew with a tip of € 5,- 7,-- per day and passenger.

The first evening is intended for getting to know the guests as well as for "acclimatization". Keep in mind that guests arrive on different flights and therefore may be on board at different times. However, we cannot be held responsible if flight delays or cancellations cause travelers to arrive late. Please arrive at the meeting point at least 30 minutes before check-in time.

Even if your skin is used to the sun, please note that on board a sailing ship the sunlight is more intense than on land. You will be surrounded by a sea breeze most of the time, and if there is a pleasant wind, you will often not notice the strong sunlight until it is too late. It is therefore even more important to be prepared for the fact that you can easily get a sunburn or even sunstroke if you do not protect yourself sufficiently. That's why it's also important to have a sun hat that won't be blown off your head at the first gust of wind. Don't forget your sunglasses either, which are best fastened with a strap around your neck. A sweatshirt is also advisable, or a shirt with long sleeves and long pants. For the first few days, use a high sun protection factor sunscreen.

If you need to take medication: remember to bring it in sufficient quantity from home, as it will be difficult to get comparable medication on the islands.

The islands visited do not have any vaccination requirements of any particular kind.

Seasickness: Catamarans sail very stable and upright and the captain will always try to sail in calm waters. However, the nature of sailing means that there will be waves from time to time. If you are sensitive to seasickness, you could consult your pharmacy for advice on what remedies, if any, you can bring and take.

Sailing maneuvers and life on board:

Your experienced crew will take care of you comprehensively on your trip through the Seychelles.

Participation in our sailing yacht cruise does not require any sailing skills or knowledge of how to handle a ship. Even people who are not sporty can participate at any time and get to know the beautiful islands of the Seychelles. The captain is able to guide the ship all by himself. Nevertheless, even though this is not a sailing school trip, you will have the opportunity to learn something about sailing.

It is appreciated if you take an active part in the life on board and help to shape the daily sailing life. Please remember that this is a sailing trip on a catamaran, not a cruise ship with a large crew. Life on board is an active one.

Depending on the wind and weather, part of the cruise may have to be done under engine. This means that the two engines bring the ship to anchor and the sails cannot be hoisted, or that the engine also runs under sail for stabilization and additional power supply. This is for the comfort of the entire crew.

Mobile und Wifi an Bord:

Normally you have cell phone reception during the trip. However, this is not necessarily the case. You should check with your provider before departure to make sure that your cell phone is activated for the region you will be sailing. Also find out about possible roaming costs, as there is no wifi available on board. You can also buy a wifi or sim card with data volume locally.

There are no 220-volt outlets in the cabins. You have the possibility to charge your cell phone, camera, etc. at the socket in the salon (navigation). Please do not leave your valuables unattended overnight in the salon.

Safety rules:

It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons and drugs on board.

Please note that the ship may pass through various national borders and that the water police may also search sailing ships from time to time in the fight against drugs. The captain also has the right at any time to expel people who do not respect the rules of the country, carry drugs or weapons, disturb the life on board in any way, or expose the ship, guests or crew to danger in any way. The captain is also instructed to inform the competent authorities immediately in such cases. In such a case, or if the guest himself wishes to leave the ship, no reimbursement of the trip price will be made, or there is no right to reimbursement of the trip costs.


Please note that a 50% deposit is due immediately upon booking and the balance will be collected by us approximately 28 days prior to departure.

Minimum: 4 Pax, Maximum 24 Pax